Monday, 27 June 2011

Tinys upcycled frock

Well, a while ago tiny's favorite tee-shirt was eaten by the washing machien, i didn't want to chuck it cos she loves it but need to decide what to do with it. On friday, it came to me and this is the results!

 You can just about see the damage on the bit i've cut off. I remembered a skirt that i'd recieved in a swap and though it would go with the green tee shirt, which as you can see it did
 So I gathered it up and sewed it on. I put the 2 wrong sides togeather so the inside was smooth against tiny but i did leave a join on the out side, so i had to cover this. 
 I thought that this spotty red fabric did the trick, so i made a 'tube' of it, then sewed a portion of it onto the back of the frock
A longer bit was sewn onto the front and around the sides forming ties at the back.


Looks quite good, and as you can see if you scroll down a little further you can see that tiny likes it too!
It may only last this summer but atleast we don't have to throw away a much loved tee shirt just yet! 


  1. Brilliant, proper recycling. I love it as she obviously does too!


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