Tuesday, 21 June 2011

For Amelie

Made these last night for my new little niece. They will be too big but she'll grow. Not quite finished as you can see, lots of ends to tidy and probably some seams to trim etc but i think its turned out quite cute!

A little bib top and ruffled trousers. Suprised my self with how quickly they came togeather! Hubby selected the fabric from my pile, he said something pale was best for little people. Wouldn't want it boring though, lots of yummy cake on it, i find some good things on our local market ( £5 a meter, birmingham rag market). This only used half a meter too.
Now i'll have to make something for her big brother so he doesn't feel left out. From the same market stall i got some fab red fabric which is covered with sharks eating surf boards/divers/ols tyres etc. They'll make great shorts, i know this cos my lad has approved the fabric and also wants shorts made from it!
Something for tonight then!
(ps what do you think of the new size/type of text, too big? is the font ok?)


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