Thursday, 23 June 2011

The swap list

Ok - 
Its time to grab your partners by the hand......

Clare and Sew scrumptious
BibbityBob sends to Me, i send to
Moonstruckcreations who sends to BibbityBob!
(hope this is ok but it this or i can partner you both, you decide)

So Get in contact with your partner/s and gather your gifts togeather, Do yell if you have any problems although i'm not promising to solve them!
Hopefully the links all work (fingers crossed!)
and finally enjoy yourselves, enjoy finding out about new people, making/gathering gifts and recieving your parcel.


  1. Ohooo good luck everyone, sounds a fabulous swap :0)

    Thanks for the banana still chuckling to myself ;0) Have a lovely weekend

    M xx

  2. Fab! Thanks for organising. How exciting!!

  3. Fantastic! Have commented on my partners blog so hope to hear from her soon!

    Thanks so much for organising this, such fun!!


  4. Thanks for organising! That's fine by me :) x


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