Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I finished my christmas sewing!!!

I did it, i finished my christmas sewing before christmas this year! last year it ran on into january! (ok. ok, i have some buttons to sew on tonight but its still before christmas!)

I have achieved 4 duvet covers for my godsons, 2 in this browny colour and 2 in a green - same fabrics but green. I would have gone for blue but couldn't find any nice patterned flannel that was blue, patterned, didn't cost a fortune and was not babyish!

Here is a brown one modeled my my sons bed!

They have matching pillow cases as well (the backs of the duvets are cream like the pillow cases).

Just hope they like them!
Anyway - Here's me signing off till after christmas so Have a great time, eat lots and all that festive sort of thing. 


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