Monday, 28 November 2011

Parcel of fabric

Well, mum brought my parcel of things that i ordered from Abakhan with the voucher i won in the sewing directories christmas comp. Along with lots of bits and bobs was one of their lucky dip fabric bags. Its £14.99 and you get 20+ meters of fabric. I was very excited by mine!
 Some splighty sparkly green, lovely chocolate brown, some suedey stuff, some interesting white snow like stuff and some net. red and, as if someone at Abakhan know me well, orange with sparkles!
 Some pink linen, red cotton, pale blue cotton, Slipperly pink with blue bits and some black, what i think is, oil cloth!
Also in their was some more red cotton, some purple lining fabric, some tarten, and yellow and sandstorm cottons. Their was also some silver stuff which i know from my mum having to sew with it years a go is a (add own expletive here!), some bright red lace which look like a tarty old grannys pants! and some lime green lining fabric. These 3 will be finding their way to tinys old nursery to see if they can use them.
 Also hidden in there was this

There are 2 of these panels on this bit of fabric, i'd make the kids santa sacks but they have them already! something to put away and think about!

A lovely fabric haul if i do say so myself. 
But to end an amusing tiny picture, she tested my new boots!

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  1. Great idea, no wonder you are excited :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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