Thursday, 8 December 2011


What ho! I went out last night!!!!!! a work meal (and very yummy it was too and all the better cos i didn't have to pay for it!) Anyway, it gave me the chance to finally wear the dress i made for myself in september. SO here i am in it, sorry the photos not great by my hubby isn't the best at taking snaps of frocks!
The other frock for todays post is tinys. I still have to tie off ends and put the buttons on (i didn't fancy that last night!) but it looks rather cute!

(Yes she was caught mid cough in this picture!)
The fabric has snow flakes and funny reindeer on.


  1. What a lovely reindeer dress!yours isn't bad either ;-)

  2. Yours is classy but would be better with reindeer on!


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