Tuesday, 13 December 2011

christmas things with frocks and cake!

What ho,
I feel like i've spent the last few days asleep which is amusing because tiny fell asleep while doing her nativity play yesterday! the head teacher had to take her off for a nap!!!! (well, its better then her falling off the bench while snoozing!)
Although i feel like i haven't done much i have achieved some creating!

I made cards with the kids, there is so much glitter on my carpet it looks like a fairy has been sick in there!

I got on with sewing a frock for a friends little girl. its like tinys but in a different fabric,

I think it needs a sash, but in the holly fabric or a red one?

I made cake too, dundee cake for christmas (and one for a chap at work, we have a long standing joke about dundee cake so i make him one every christmas) and chocolate cake for work because my work friends think chocolate cake is better then a piece of card with a festive picture on!

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  1. The dress looks lovely! I think a red sash would look really good.


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