Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pimp my table!

Pimp my table!
Thats what i did last night!
Me and my chum (laughing snail) went on a trek down to the big bad londinium (for some reason i like using the roman name for the city, its some how nicer!!!!)
There we attedned an ETSY event  called pimp my table!
Here is the description of it 
'Bring the dull dishes hiding in the darkest corners of your cupboards and re-design them using special ceramic-friendly pens from creative compadres at Pebeo! Etsy illustrator Heidi Burton will be on hand to help you with your designs.'

So......  This is what i managed to do with my limited 'art' skills!

I have one more plate i did and assuming it made it home in one piece (i was just too tired when i got back home and to busy this morning what with non-uniform day and excited kiddies to check it!) i'll take a snap and post it for you.
It was a lot of fun, and i could be quite tempted by some of the pens although hubby may disagree!

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  1. Loving Pimp my table!! Looks like a fab night. Thanks for your very kind offer of photocopying your old Singer manual. That is so lovely of you. Have managed to find an online manual but will check that it covers all the attachments too. They all look a bit scary!!


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