Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting christmassy

Well its the first day of December, Things are beginning to get christmassy. The german market is now in full swing here in birmingham and i'm beginning to get into full panic mode as i'm sure i'll never manage to make all the things i need to before christmas! 
well i won't if i keep procrastinating and falling asleep at 8.30pm!

I sneaked out of work a little early yesterday and had a quick pootle around the market. I bort doughnuts as a treat for the family and then opposite this 
(Think beer)

I found this 
i didn't buy anything but it was exciting to find a pop up bazaar!
I have started tinys christmas frock, (cute reindeer, i have got her a matching head band with little antlers on!)
but i have one more to make and 4 duvet covers and bunting and some christmas decs and cake and and and. 
Think i could do with having the last week over again!
 Are you making for christmas this year, and if so, are you ready!!!


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