Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer break blues

What ho all,
I've been off on my summer break, did you miss me?
Well, i say break, i was at mums with the children for a week and then at home with them for a second week. Now I'm back at work, which is why i'm blue!

I went to the festival of quilts, it seems like an age ago now! I met up with Fiona from the sewing directory and a couple of others for a cuppa.
I looked at fab quilts and bought way too much fabric! 

OK, just how could i resist this for a frock for tiny!
 I joined in with one of the workshops and made a patchwork pincushion (and another at home)

Then i was off to mums. My sewing machine went in for a service (£117 - had to have new foot pedal! OW!)
so i knitted
Back at home with my machine working extremely well (it even sounds happier!)
 i made a gym bag for my lad. I also made him a pencil case. It's supposed to be a pencil but it may be a rocket!

I put a divider in it so the coloured pencils can go on one side and the other things (ruler, rubber etc) can go on the other.
I've got started on Christmas by making pencil rolls

and finally last night (very late) i did my first attempt at a teddy skate dress! its not finished. teddy needs elastic round the legs and a finish round the neck and cuffs (and possible a straightening up of the skirt edge),

what do you think? does teddy look good? (i know teddy doesn't look happy but that's cos its a boy teddy and i;m sure most boys wouldn't be pleased at having to model a frock!)



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