Monday, 10 September 2012

home again (includes fabric shopping!)

Well, after having been at home for a fortnight i had to go away to 'that' London for work.
 A conference, but while there i did get a little time to myself to visit the fashion section of the V & A and mooch about in fabric shops (OK, by mooch i mean spend a fortune!)

these are my favourite frocks from the V & A, i just love the green fabric!

My shopping needed a guide so i consulted the oracle that is google and found this post by cargo cult craft, i highly recomend a read if your heading off to London and intend to 'shop'.

Following the suggestions i went to the Goldhawk road and after a coffee stop and a little walk (in the wrong direction) i found 4 fabric shops with in a very small space (bigger than a postage stamp but still really close together!)
my fav here is classic textiles, i could and did spend lots of money - they have discount liberty prints!

These all came from classic textiles except the small flowery print in the shot next to the big yellow tulips - that's a liberty print needle cord that i got from  Shaukat, this shop is amazing! its soooo beautiful, again lots of liberty prints (at cheaper prices).

I then tootled into the centre of 'that' London. I visited liberty's
felt i should buy something so got a thimble!
I then tootled down Berwick street.
 Its full of fabric shops, beautiful, fun but expensive (well expensive to this regional country bumpkin, well that how this Birmingham dweller felt!)
i did get something from the cloth house 
this pale pink striped jersey, it was in the cheap ends basket and i though it would make a good frock for tiny!

so what do you think of my shopping trip! anyone have any requests for things for me to make from my fabric?

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  1. What a super lot of lovely lush fabric. I got taken to Berwick street last year... and spent too much money too! It is a lovely place though isn't it?!


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