Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pink activities -help

What ho,
I've had a go at something different and would value your thoughts.

Its a mini activity pack, with a small pad of paper and room for a couple of pencils/crayons (4 max). It has a button closure and a handle so it can be carried about.
I haven't asked tiny or my lads thoughts yet as I'm concerned that if tiny likes it i may well never see it again!

The outside is all stripes of different fabrics, inside its pink gingham with a flowery bit for the pencils.
I put wadding/batting in between so its really squashy. its held together with the fun stitches from my machine and bound in pink (the only one they had on the market stall).

What do you think? yes, no, meh!
I value your thoughts, unless they really reallllllllly hate it my kids like everything and my hubby usually just grunts and mumbles something about fabric mess and more stuff!


  1. really like it iS it a long or Short handle?
    i know my kidS would like Something like thiS but a long Strap So they could wear it over the Shoulder

    1. It's a short handle, I could easily do longer handles, or both. :)

  2. Love it, it's such a clever idea, I think long handles too though - I remember I was forever leaving my bag behind as a child (involving retracing our steps a lot!) but with along handle it could be worn satchel style


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