Wednesday, 5 September 2012


 Kids are back at school
I think I'm going to like my lads green jumpers much more than the yellow one!
Despite having plans to do things I've managed nothing (well i did manage to bet bitten by nasty flying beasties but i don't think that counts) but sew a few bits of pink fabric together.
what do you think? not too hideous!
I'm off on a conference for work now so will get nothing done till next week.


  1. Hope the conference isn't too bad, at least you can plan in your head some crafty projects if you drift off!

    Bee happy x

    1. That's on of the joys of having a note pad with me, looks like I'm taking notes while really I'm sketching frocks and the like!

  2. Ha - you do the crafty note taking in work notebooks too! When I come back from meetings or conferences mine is always full of ideas!


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