Wednesday, 6 June 2012

jubilee catch up

Well its been a long weekend off and today is my only day in work because its half term too.
 So here is my jubilee catch up

The children made hats for the fancy hat parade at school, my lads was all his own work while i helped abit on tinys.

 you've seen these before but don't they look smart. They got called to see the head teacher on friday because their outfits were considered so fantastic!

 We had abit of a street party on monday (it descended into hockey!) and yesterday my lad won a prize in the local asda's fancy dress competition (he shared his prize with his sister:))
on sunday it was Coventry blaze U10's Godiva cup (small boys play ice hockey!)
I made cake, and soakies (skate covers)
 (i made some elephanty orange ones for me too!)

 And my lad scored his 1st goal! so proud. 


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