Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee swap goodies

I join in with a jubilee swap organised by the lovely Helen and sue. I was paired with this lovely lady and this is what i sent to her:

A jubilee mug and union jack coasters,
A handmade bag and a knitting pin roll,
cheesy nibbles,
Wool and crochet cotton (i used more of this as packaging to keep the mug safe!)
Some solid hand cream from lush,
flowery stickers
and a couple of other little loveys, all topped off with postcard from my fair city!

I received my parcel when pootling up the road, the postman stopped, checked my address and gave me the parcel! so it came ice skating with me and tiny!
Tiny made me open it on the train and had a fab time doing lots of unwrapping!
tiny and the big bag

 seeds for the children to grow (tiny was very excited!

 chocolate (this lasted all of 5 minutes!), jubilee tissues, ribbons, cross stitch, nice soap, keyring and
 lovely beads, something for me to try when the sewing machine gets serviced
 crochet coasters (my lad has swiped the navy one as its a boy colour!
 and this beautiful shawl as modelled by tiny, how lucky am i!
Thank you sue and Helen for organising the swap and thank you to my fab partner!


  1. What great gifts you both have received. You both spent some time gathering them and I'm sure they will all be well used.

  2. Just come across your blog for the first time and am your newest follower! Lucky you - all the goodies you sent and received are fab! Hope you had a great Jubilee weekend! Love Katie xx


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