Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Morning (or what ever time of day greeting is required for you when you read this).
At the end of last week tiny became a poo fairy again, and was kind enough to share with me, i'm so lucky! Although i have the 2 craft fairs coming up i've been in bed and asleep by 8.30pm for the last 2 nights! and i'm still knackered! I won't get everything made that i want too but never mind, at least i'm sharing stalls and not having to fill a whole one myself!
Todays pictures are of some works in progress, 
Firstly some coasters - which tiny was kind enough to be sick all over on friday! Had to wash them, and her and the carpet (and my pins, thread etc etc)

Sorry its the wrong way round but thats how i feel at the moment!
Next some cup holders/keep coffee warmers.

And finally, because you got to see my lad in his ice gear, her is tiny in her wooly tights with her penguin.
Don't forget my give away, i need coffee so if your interested you'll have to hunt the link down yourself. x


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