Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Machine fun

Ok, i've been having some fun. I bort a 'doing what you want' foot for my machine at the festival of quilts in the summer but haven't played with it much. I have been having a play now though and although they are rubbish compaired to what some people can achieve with theirs i don't think they are bad for a beginner. 
What do you think? 
Can you tell what it is yet?


  1. Oh, well done you. I've had a free embroidery foot for my machine for nearly a year now and still haven't achieved anything with it ( can't quite get the hang of the tension, or lack of! ) Like the steam coming from the cup of tea :o)

  2. I really want to try free embroidery, I'm worried I'll sew my fingers to the fabric! LOL Also, thank you for your kind comment on my Blog, I really appreciate it! E x


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