Monday, 21 November 2011

craft fair number 2 and some pudding!

 Well, On friday i made christmas pudding. I know that it was 'stir up sunday',on sunday,  but i wanted to get it done. I followed my usual recipe (Nigella) and as usual ended up with loads of puddings. I really wonder just how big the pudding would be if it was just one pudding! you'd have to realllllly like pudding or have loads of people to lunch!

The big one is ours for christmas. The medium sized one if for my friend who has a gluten free daughter. (yes they are gluten free puddings and the fruit is soaked in baileys! yum!). The small one is for my big brother who adores christmas pudding and the tiny one is for the husband of one of my church friends, he's the only one in their house who likes pudding.
Well, saturday was the fair at st leonards in marston green.
 Mum was helping me and had some of her knits on the table.

Its all very bright when you put it together! I never realised just how bright things are that i make till its all on a table together! But then, i don't think subtle is ever going to be me!
I need to get the tings that didnt sell photographed and put in my 'shop'. I'm up for trades if you see anything you like!
You can't have the 'tiger' though!


  1. Your stall looks wonderful, I've yet to make a Christmas pudding.... what I mean is, I have never made one!!!
    Sue Xxx

  2. Nigella seems to do everything on a HUGE scale, doesn't she?

  3. ive always thought that nigellas portions are on the large size, how she isnt the size of a house i dont know! the stall looked great, did you do well?

  4. Pudding in the title caught my eye! what a lot you made with the mix :) your stall looks great.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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