Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well as everone has noticed its gone cold and autumney. Its still really dry though. I went past our local pond on the way home on sunday and this is how it looked.

Its not got a lot of water in. That is a little jetty on the far side of the picture, it usually has water beneath it but at the moment it just has grass! The whole area is usually soaking and squelchy but not at the moment. It seems abit sad to see it like this, esp. when its not the middle of summer. Much as i don't like to be out in the rain we could do with some more of it!

Anyway on a cherpier note, the christmas lights are on in brum and the german market is being built for it opening on thursday (i believe). Yipee lots of hot chocolate with rum in and other germanic delicacies. I'm planning on taking the kids but not till nearer christmas, they get excited enough as it is!


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