Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New year - tidying up!

Well i'm back! after a mamoth break i'm back and the first thing to do is catch up on all the 'christmas' stuff!
i join in with 3 (yes 3) christmas swaps.
I joined one hosted by secondtimemummy, i recieved this loverly little bundle.
The second swap i joined was hosted by laalaa and i was a lucky girl

And finally i joined in with Emma's santa swap and was very very lucky!

AT work we had a secret santa - my work mates know me well, coffee and biscuits (although i had to give them to hubby as i'm gluten free)
And so to all those pairs of PJ's i was making (5 pairs!)! i managed to finish them...

And modelled by my 2

And finally i ran up a few other things for presents, a pin cushion for a sewing box i put togeather for a friend, and booties and dribbly bibs for her little loverly.

Hope you all have a good and crafty year this year! x


  1. Oooh what a lot of lovely things you got!! You must have been very organised to do THREE swaps!! Yikes! Your pin cushion is so cute.

  2. wow, what a fab lot of goodies x


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