Thursday, 20 January 2011

Book Thong

A while ago (and by that i mean ages and ages) i won a book thong  in a give away.
It was from the loverly jane over at me n my monkeys
Here it is, pretty and purple, and sparkly.
i tested it out over christmas and found it great for doing its job of keeping my page in a book. its also great because i could leave it in while i was reading (it didn't block the works like bigger book marks can) and if i had to put my book down for an 'emergency' i never lost my place.
I fact the only problem i had with it was not really my problem, it was my sons. It occured when his little sister got hold of 'the pretty thing' and swung it round her head, thus clouting him in the face.

So in conclusion, if you want to keep your place these book thongs are fab, BUT keep them away from 3 year olds as you may get hurt!
Thanks again to jane!


  1. Thank you
    Glad you like it!

    sorry its taken so long to comment. xx


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