Monday, 25 October 2010

poo fariy!

Well here she is the poo fairy herself! after covering herself, me and my bed i poo on wednesday morning tiny proceeded to cover herslef, her carpet and walls in poo on thursday! lucky mummy, i love scrubbing carpet at 6am! I had the day off from the lab to be with her. made her one of the frilly skirts and she insisted on wearing it all day (even with PJ's!)

she is my little poo fairy!
Haven't been up to much crafting this weekend as we had a break at the sea side (burnham on sea).

It may have been cold but what ever the weather my kids love sand!
And yes, tiny did sit in the wet sand! She then took her wellies off and jumped up and down in puddles! good job i was prepared with spare outfits and extra woolies!


  1. Ooh poor you ... I don't miss having littlies when they do things like that! So cute in her fairy outfit though!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Urgh, that does not sound nice at all. Lovely tutu though!


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