Thursday, 7 October 2010

Finally finished some stuff

Hooray, i have finally got round to finishing some things - the christmas stocking i've been making for a while and an advent calandermade from one of those printed sheets with instructions.

And now for something completely different -  a dew covered spiders web i saw on the way to work...

And don't for get my Mitton Giveaway, you never know i might hide something in them!!!


  1. I love the stockings and the advent calendar is great! I made a cross stitch advent calendar with little boxes hanging from it when my two were little.I thought it was wonderful. They preferred the bought ones with doors and chocolate.
    Love kathy xxx

  2. my mum does ones for my two. she puts money (it amounts up to their main gift!) and chocolate money in them! unsuprisingly they love them! this one is for my friends little girl, (who also gets the pink stocking)

  3. I love the mixture of fabrics used in the stockings x

  4. cute cute stocking, may makes christmast more fun fun...


  5. Thankyou so much for joining my giveaway - it's lovely to meet you! Am looking forward to reading your blog. I love your Christmas makes. Makes me realise I had better get on with mine! xx


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