Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In which i get moving on making things!

ok, i have finally got myself in gear and have started to make somethings for the church craft fair!
maked hair bands!
made more than i planned to. Started cutting them out in doubles or some reason thinking they had a front and a back! so i have 20 now rather than 10! never mind they don't go off!
Also had a play with net. Made this for tiny's little friends 3rd birthday which is soon.
what do you all think? i have plenty of net left (even after tiny has forced me to make her one!). do you think they would sell?

As always thank yous for looking and your thoughts are much appreciated! X


  1. Well done on your one woman hairband factory! The fair tutu is delightful - it will look lovely on!

  2. hello! Love what you have done with the net. Had not thought of doing that at all. What a fab present for my four year old at Christmas! new to your blog so hello

  3. The net skirts great. I think they'd be really popular, especially for xmas x


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