Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Well, i've got 20 loverly followers and have been on here a couple of months. I've been lucky enough to win a couple of things from other peoples blogs so have decided to host a giveaway. Its not a very exciting giveaway i'll grant you but as the colder weather comes along someone may make use of the prize. Which is...........
A pair of handknitted long fingerless gloves.
I made a pair of these for Kathy my autumn swap partner and have since knitted a second pair. They go up to my elbows (i tested them) to prevent up-sleeve drafts and would fit over a second pair of gloves to keep fingers toasty.
SO If you'd like to have them sent to you just leave me a comment.
You have till October the 11th midnight ish.
Do follow if you like and tweet about it etc if the fancy takes you.
Thanks and happy commenting. X


  1. it seems you have seen where i live and my walk to school! these would go lovely over my leather gloves, i'm a wimp in cold weather should definitely live somewhere hot!

  2. They are so fab!!! I love them, what a lucky swap partner!!

  3. What do you mean 'not very exciting'? They're fab and I would be a very happy girl if I won them.xx

  4. Hi Lovely, Cold hands.... school yards and all that ;o) xx


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