Monday, 2 August 2010

little things

Well i've been at home for the last week with my little man who is enjoying his 1st summer holidays from school and who will tell anyone who will listen that he has 6 weeks off! haven't got alot done!
I finally managed to sew togeather some shorts that i cut out ages ago, they are for my little madam and she managed to keep them dry (potty training going well but she doesn't always get there in time) till 4pm!

Earlier in the week little holiday boy helped me make some large bags with left over party bag fabric, i guided the fabric and he pressed the foot pedel of the machien, he enjoyed it but got bored after abit!
here is his sisters one filled with plastic plates and food.

On friday my husband went to the postoffice to collect a mystery parcel. It amuses me that the postman always puts his name on those 'your were out' notes that they stick through the door! (i didn't change my surname when we married). he was all excited about what it was but it was me that got to be excited, it was a loverly gift from Fiona at the the sewing directory. a book called 'The crafty kid' by Kelly Doust.
Its full of loverly loverly projects to make for or with kiddies.
I had to try something from the book so i picked up some hair clips and felt (thank you pound land, i know they are not the best quality but they did the trick!) and made these - as modeled by 'old rabbit'.
Little lady wanted to try and eat them, them holiday boy tested them out and a scuffle followed. (may have to make him a pair!). Have promised them both pillow cases with their names on too like this one from the book.


Your comments are alway welcome, i know they take you time, i appreciate each one because, the smile they bring is mine.