Monday, 9 August 2010

Book review

How to Sew: Published by David and Charles (
Although there are many books out there on how to sew, the beauty of this set of e-books is there downloadable form, providing an easy introduction to a varity of different sewing styles and skills. They cover a range of sewing subjects such as
'The Basics': This leads the reader through many of the things, equipment and techniques involved in sewing. From fabric, threads and basic kit to a quick dip into patchwork and zips. Full of handy tips for both the novice and more established seamstress this little e-book provides a fantastic dip into the work of sewing.

'Applique': Providing an introduction to applique, explaining what it is and some of the possibilities for its use, this e-book gives precise, detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to applique. It provides tips for both hand and machine applique which is followed by 3 projects, giving the reader something to try out and an idea of the uses of this technique.

 'Patchwork': This e-book introduces the reader to the world of patchwork, providing an easy to follow step-by-step guide which includes fabric preperation, cutting, piecing fabrics togeather either by hand or by machine and also provides an introduction to quilting. Again, it contains easy to follow projects that can be completed by the reader highlighting a varity of projects it can beused for, not just the standard quilt that patchwork usually conjures up.
'Machine sewing': 'A sewing machine is one of the most expensive pieces of sewing equipment you will buy' and so this book aims to guide the reader through the intricacies of machine sewing, from basics of different feet and fabric preperation to basic stitches and their uses. The projects included in this book are easy to follow and provide and good introduction to machine sewing.

I have enjoyed these book and look forward to the rest of the series as they will provide me with an inspirational read on my commute.


  1. Great reviews! Love that these are electronic books as I am running out of space in my bookshelves :) I really want to give it a go at patchwork and quilting, I found a project that I like but maybe this book might help me to get over my fears.


  2. I think even i could follow these projects and i'm not that great at sewing. think they come out on the 16th of august, approx 99p each but i may be wrong!


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