Friday, 27 August 2010

Book review - and all that knitting!

A Couple of weeks ago i was sent a knitting book to review, so here are my thoughts

The knitter year - Debbie bliss
This stylish book is filled with 52 projects to see you through the year. Broken down onto the 4 seasons it offeres small projects that can be easily completed within a week. The projects range from the traditional (baby cardy) to the more intersting (pot holders anyone?) that are suitable as gift items. some of the projects are not to my taste by may apeel to others and may also provide interesting stitches for other projects. Debbie uses her own range of yarn for the projects but there is a handy conversion chart in the front of the book which me and mum who tested some of the patterens for me found useful and we found no problems in knitting some of the things up. If you have any books containing similar patterens then you may find it repetative but for those who haven't ventured into the world of modern knitting itmay well be the book for you.
I'll upload some more pics soon, i'm at my mums and her computer doesn't like my new camera! that and the kids who should be going to sleep are running about screaming!

And here they are...... a door stop,  flowers, christmas tree and a baby cardy and not finished box that mum made.


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