Thursday, 12 August 2010


Here is my latest cake. Patty at my little tiny girls nursery is 60 tommorrrow so i made her a cake. Its the same chocolatey chocolate cake i've made lots of times before but this one has chewy heart sweeties on to show how much everyone loves her!

As this post is related to cake i think its time to show off a couple of cakes i made earlier this year. A castle for a friends little girl and a catapiller for my sons birthday. I don't usually do cake for other people but my friends little girl is coeliac (gluten free) like me and as her mum doesn't bake, me making the cake ment that this year (for the first time, and she was 5) she could eat her birthday cake!


  1. They are great! I must admit I feel a bit jealous, I can bake but I am rubish at decorating them, styling food is jut not my thing. I usually let my husband do that bit for me :/

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for the comment on my Pass the Book post and Good luck in the draw. Love those cakes and I think a certain lady will love hers ..especially all those yummy hearts!


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