Tuesday, 27 July 2010

finished the jumper!

i finally finished making the little jumper for my sons friends mom, and just in time, it was the end of term and i managed to give it to her in the morning!

nice and stripy with little star shaped navy buttons.

As it was little girls birthday party i made party bags for her. i planned to make them from some old orange curtains but a trip to the birmingham rag market produced some fabric that was far more suitable for a farm party!

1st i sewed up the sides,
leaving a gap at the top of one side.

then i turned the top over and sewed it round, the gap at the was ready for ribbon, blue for boys and pink for girls.
i then made a whole pile of them! the kids (and their mummies) loved them, it made it worth while to spend an evening making them.


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