Monday, 19 July 2010


Well, last week i was away in barcelona for work! although i did attend talks and look at posters i also had time to look around and do some shopping! As all the pictures i could ever need are in the guide book i've got, i took pictures of other things that i thought pretty like paving slabs and door knockers!.
along with some nice buildings (inc cathedral)
on my trip around with my work mate (who i found out is also into dress making and can crochet!), we found a street with 3, yes 3 fabric shops on!
this is the first one we found, and it was fab!
It was fabric heaven! i'll get some pictures of what o bort soon (as if i could enter these shops and leave with nothing!!!!!!!) although the assistances thought i was abit mad for taking pictures!!!

I also got the chance to wear the frock i made......

please excuse the shoes, i was having a foot swelling moment, i don't do well in the heat!


  1. The tiles are beautiful. I love pretty detailing on ordinary things x


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