Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Barcelona fabric

It looks like i've been up to very little these last few days but i have been creative.
I've been knitting a jumper for one of my sons school friends mums new baby. it takes me quite a while to knit things as i have to note everything down due to small people disrupting me and i don't want to loose my place!
I also baked a cake for my daughters birthday, which i'll post pictures of after i've iced it! its supposed to be a rabbit but currently i'm not convinced, at least i know it should taste ok, most things do when smothered in buttercream (pink of course!)

So today i have a couple of pictures for you all, its the fabric i picked up in barcelona.

This is from the teixits donna. i thought the black and spotty would make nice bits on a dress or skirt. could not resist the bunny fabric as my little girl loves bunnies and i thought the cherry stuff was really nice. no plans for it at present other than to just look at it alot! and all three were in a sale!

I also got some from ribes & casals (pau claris), in a sale again. shorts for my boy from the car fabric and possibly cushions with the other????


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