Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekends and cake!

Well the weekend is over and yet again i achieved very little! I did manage to have the longe abit tidyer! hubby put up the new table so the kids are sitting down to eat! and i have somewhere to put my sewing machiene so i couls finish that frock i was making! When i have a picture of me in it i'll post it but hubby was watching the football and i didn't trust hi to take a flattering shot of me, that and we don't have any large mirrors in our house (we have 2 and they are both small head and sholders ones. prehaps that the next thing i sould suggest that we need! when hes got over the cupboard and table).

I did make a cake this weekend though, one of the ladies at my daughters nursery is 40 today so i made her a cake.

Chocolate cake, with extra chocolatey dark chocolate fugey icing, topped with marshmallows and drizzled with milk chocolate. It was hard to keep the little fingers away from it so had to feed them marshmallows covered in icing to keep them away from it!!!!!

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