Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I've been away (i don't know if anyone noticed at all!)
I had to go to Seattle for work and took the opportunity to visit some different fabric shops.
I went to Undercover Quilts which had lots of fab fabric and some fantastic quilts

I also ended up in stitches, the ladies in there are fantastic, in fact i went twice!

I also did the space needle and the glass gardens
space needle

There were some native fabrics in the glass exhibition (kept me happy, along with all the coffee!)
I have a great time but now I'm pooped (i don't do jet lag very well at all!) 
I don't know if I'll get to blog again before Easter but I'll leave you with the thought that next time i blog I'll show you pictures of me in the dress i made for the conference!

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  1. With the exception of Mandors in Glasgow, I've never been able to find sewing shops when on work trips. I did get to visit the shoe museum when in Toronto and the tulip museum in Amsterdam.


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