Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Book day and a frock

 Well last week was book day, my lad was a pirate complete with dodgy beard and cardboard shoe buckles, and tiny was puss in boot!

 I'm quite glad they had dressing up on different days as it ment they could share a hat!

Other than fake beards i've been making a dress for me. I'm off on a conference soon and, for the last few, i've done my presentation wearing a homemade frock so thought i should carry on the tradition!
I've gone for this fabric (a liberty print i believe)

and so far it looks like this! (not sure why tiny or fat tulip needed to be in the pictures!)

Over the weekend i recieved a prize i won in a giveaway by the lovely christine
Tiny finally wore her cat frock
and it snowed (in march!)


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