Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Gallery - Bond

I've been quiet again this week so I've decided to join in with the gallery. i haven't joined in for a while but thought I'd start joining in again.

This weeks topic is Bond - 
As i don't have any pictures of 007 or tiny welded to something with glue I've chosen the bond between my children and their grandpuff (yes, grandpuff - look it up in book 25, duke the lost engine of the Thomas the tank engine series)
playing at the park

getting ice cream

on holiday

on holiday

yes, they have their buckets on their heads!
They adore him and he adores them, a special bond that i hope will say in their hearts for ever.


  1. Lovely pictures. Grandparents are the best!

  2. Grandpuff is such a great name! Lovely collection of photos - looks like he's a real hands on grandad which must be brilliant, and I'm sure it also strengthens that bond x

  3. A bit of a train theme there! Lucky children :)

    1. anyone would think that my dads really into trains (and that i love them too!)

  4. Best kind of "bond"s are those between people - I like your interpretation!! Lovely pictures, dear, thank you for sharing.

  5. Aw, there's lovely... I had a happy smile looking at your pictures and I love the name Grandpuff.. my son had an Opa and Gramps, but Grandpuff beats them! Yes I am a hormonally soppy middle aged bird!


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