Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hi all,
 get me 4 posts in 4 days. Don't expect this normally, I'm just making up for having been rubbish over the holidays.
 To day is not a fabricy post (well i may add some at the end) but about doors. 
Not a real door (at least i don't think it is).
 I've been meaning to take a picture of this for quite a while as i love it.
Fairy's or pixies - the children are not sure!

OK, to keep you happy here is fabric. A cushion top - question is do i do the second one exactly the same. Do i do it the same but have the fabrics in a different order, or do i (using the same fabrics) try a different pattern? I would appreciate you thoughts!
(please excuse my carpet, it needs a hoover, but then when doesn't it!)

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  1. Love the door! What fun!

    And the cushion too. If it were me I'd keep the same fabric for the centre piece (but perhaps make the dot the centre this time?) and then just add the other fabrics - kind of matching ones on opposite sides as you have done already, but not necessarily in the same order?

    Whatever - it is lovely...


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