Monday, 7 January 2013

A somewhat belated Happy new year!

What ho,
 its my first day back at work and my first day back at the big computer. I still can't believe christmas as been and gone! think i'm somewhere in mid december still!
 I did very very little over the holiday, i had the lurgy and i'm still pooped!
So here for your amusement is a selection of pictures from my break!
look what my children used as a fairy!

pretty xmas dec i got in a swap


Big Blaze mascot!

home made donkey ears

i make a Shepard don't i!

Donkey tail

Tiny in her Christmas dress

bun net tiny got for Christmas - crocheted by mums friend :)
Well i think that covers it!

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  1. I hope that you feel completely recovered soon. I must say that the alternative fairy is a very interesting and amusing choice...

    Jille xx


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