Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Resolved to sew 2013

I had a look back at my sewing resolutions from last year as a prompt to any i make for this year, 
again i ask myself where do i want to go with it, do i stay with the familiar or try something new? 
Last year i said I'd
  • Create at least one item every week (unless there is a major crisis or i get to go on holiday, the chance of which would be a fine thing!) -
 mostly achieved - i think i will keep this resolution for this year too.
  • As i love making small dresses, i will make some and put them up for sale, i will not worry that they are not good enough, they seem to resist destruction by tiny!
 I made some frocks but haven't sold many (mostly union jack ones). I shall persevere with this one, i have too much fabric not too!
  •  I will attempt to do a couple of more craft fairs this year, not just at Christmas (this will give me some serious bum shifting motivation!)
 ok, this one was abit of a fail, i did do 3 craft fairs but they were all at christmas. i am thinking about doing the cov transport museum on at easter though!
I could say that i will use up my fabric stash and not get anything else till its used, but i always find i need something to help finish off so 
  • i will do my best to not buy excessive amounts 
 OK, i'll admit it - total fail on this one! i could try again but i just like fabric, ALOT!
and, on a trying something new theme
  • i will attempt to create a pattern for a dress for tiny using newspaper like my mum used to do 

 This was a fail too, i did give a couple of how too's though. Prehaps i'll start with something smaller than a frock!

And so, pretty much like last year  you can look forward to seeing what i make every week, Point and laugh as i get in a total mess, see just mow much mess i can create and you never know you may get a tutorial!

Fingers crossed!

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  1. I've gone with a resoltion of one make per month. I'm not sure if I can count bunting, as I was planning to make it garments..


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