Monday, 13 August 2012

Tinys dress hoo har and a christmas thing!

What ho!
I made tiny a dress, nothing new there then. I though it was a nice dress. It follows this pattern from crafterhours and used fabric i got from the lovely kitschy coo

BUT - tiny didn't like it! The first time I've made her something that she didn't like. 
I felt rejected! i though it was cute!
Her big brother suggested a frill (i do wonder about him sometimes!) and she said that would make it better so a frill was added

this appears to have made all the difference!
 Well, after that hoo har i went for something easy, soakies for skates and some for tinys new white boots too.

continuing on the skate theme i made a Christmas decoration - a skate. what do you think? 

does it need a trim around the top - small pom poms or some fluff? 
you thoughts gratefully received.


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