Monday, 6 August 2012

School holidays-synchronised sleeping!

Its school holiday time, as I'm sure most of you are aware!
I have managed very little due to the large Olympic type distraction and the 2 small child shaped distractions!
They have got into the Olympic spirit too, they joined in with a 50M dash in Birmingham's Victoria square on Friday (just a bit of fun but it did cause arguments because he won and then she said they both won because she was on his team and he said she wasn't etc etc, you get the picture!)

no idea why they decided to race back afterwards, and the little girl in pink who was racing them just followed!)!

Then they then did abit of synchronised sleeping while i finished off this for tiny, a skate skirt which she can go to the loo by herself in (the whole skate dress is too hard for her to manage!) and boot covers to match!
 (please excuse the mess, it is school holidays after all!)


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  1. Love the funky fabric! Make the most of the school hols, they go by too fast!



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