Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Friends swap

Once again i joined in the the friends swap organised by Khristina from over at sew prim khris.
I was paired with the lovely Ingrid who blogs here (thank you google translate!)

I received my parcel last night when i got in from doing a fitness class on ice (yes it sounds odd but was lots of fun!) 

F - is for fabric - beautiful oranges (my fav) with a complementary purple
R - is for ricrac (perfect for small people sewing)
I -is for inches
E - is for extra needles (always handy)
N - is for needlebook (Oh, its soooooo pretty!)

D- is for dutch and drops - dutch sweeties - yum
S -is for scissors, I've always eyed this sort up at fairs.

Thank you Ingrid for being a fab swap partner and thanks to Khris for organising it so fantastically again. x

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  1. Gorgeous swap gifts, I love receiving things from other countries!

    Bee happy x


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