Thursday, 17 May 2012

In which i need some help!

What Ho!
OK, i need some help
I need ideas, suggestions etc
 My big brother gave me this to salvage

Its his old snow board bag. Its huge (well it did hold a snow board).  the zip must be 5 foot at least. It has lots of handles and a padded bit in the middle (the outsides are padded too). 
It has some damage
Which is why hes binned it out.
What do i make with it!!!!!!!!!
please help with ideas! or if you think you could use some of it just say i'll happily swap bits of it for 'smaller' things!


  1. Hi, I'm your faith, hope and charity swapping partner. It should be fun.
    About the bag... I can't imagine what to do with the rest of the bag but the zip might come in useful for another project (don't ask me what, I don't know, but I might think of something).

    1. hello, i know, it has bits that seem too good to waste and yet i'm abit stumpted! anyway, hello swap partner, i shall be snooping round your blog collecting ideas, so don't mind me!

  2. Could you chop it up and make shoe bags?

  3. Have you seen those kids bags where the zip is all sewn together into a bag. :)


Your comments are alway welcome, i know they take you time, i appreciate each one because, the smile they bring is mine.