Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More jubilee frocks

I've been in hibernation creating more jubilee frocks.
 Firstly something a little different. This come together nicely and the 2 fabrics work well (they are both flaggy after all!)

I couldn't resist a little flag for the button tag. I found this much easier then adding a ribbon or a button loop and think I'll be doing it in the future as i think it looks quite cool!
Then 2 dresses, same style as previous but in different fabrics.

 The lady these are being posted off to today has already purchase one frock (a big union flag one like tinys), but came back to me asking if i could create more for her other 2 daughters. I couldn't get more of the large flag fabric but i think the 3 of them will look fantastic in this trio of frocks (i popped tinys in the middle to see what it looked like).

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  1. They look wonderful, and all the better for not being the same. My daughter can still remember being dressed up like the Queen 10 years ago and loving it....
    Sue :)


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