Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter makes etc

Well, its been 2 weeks or so since i last posted. It s been Easter and I've not been near a big computer so its now time to catch you all up on whats been happening here (other than rain of course).

There has been an Easter bonnet comp, (i showed you my creation before) in which my lad came third and won an enormous egg!

We went to a birthday party, i made the cake cos the little birthday girl is gluten free like me, and i also made her a dress as her present.
 yes there is a 7 picked out in chocolate stars, all she wanted was a chocolate cake with a 7 shaped candle!

then Easter came and i did manage to add some orange to the beaks of the bag chicks,
before they went on an egg hunt in the garden (my children insist that overnight the rabbits got out and poo'd chocolate eggs in our garden!)
we then went to see Nanni and meet her new doggy (they love him!)
we visited the transport museum in Coventry and saw their royal display
i made skate covers for my husband
there has been painting with tiny (no i have no idea what it is)
new fabric (thanks Ikea!)
a bag has been made

more skate covers
and another birthday dress ready for the end of the month

So i have been busy(ish), found time to have a cold as well and test the ability of chocolate to sort that out!


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