Monday, 23 April 2012

Not much to see

OK, not much to see, I've been sewing (slowly as usual) but nothings finished yet. i could show you a pile of fabric but think you'd rather see it when its done!
so instead today i have a picture of some new fabrics - 

Well, new to me anyway. Its the 5m that i won in the Easter competition at Nortex mill. the birdys are canvas, i thought it would make a nice bag. then i chose lots of spots (and some stars) for making frocks or other things. can go wrong with a polka dot!

Finally, i saw this in ASDA, quite tempted to see if i can get one!


  1. Love the fabric but can't decide which is my favourite!!


  2. Gorgeous fabrics... I love the idea of a bag made from the birdy one

    That t-shirt is great, if it was v0neck I'd be off to ASDA to hunt one down right now!


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