Monday, 16 May 2011


i found over on the fabric lofts blog that she'd tried making fortune cookies in fabric. It looked fun and easy to do so i gave it ago, it seemed to work well so i'll pass on how i did it (the my version of it).
cut a felt circle, a fabric circle, a small rectangle of felt (smaller than the diameter of the circle) and a bit of wire (about the same length as the rectangle, i used some that the kids toys were held into boxes with. my dad uses it in the garden so i keep it!)

  using fabric glue, cover the rectangle in glue. fold the felt circle in half and place the wire in the bend. open it up keeping the wire in place and glue the rectangle over it.
put the fabric circle on top of that (rectangle inside) and sew round it.
fold it in half and bend into cookie shape.

As you can see i got a little over excited and made lots!
just need to make some little paper mottos to slip inside now.....

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  1. Visiting for the giveaway, and strolling around a bit too! Love your little fortune cookies :)


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