Thursday, 26 May 2011

An end

The we are birmingham shop, which i sell some of the things i make in, is to close. Not completely but i'll no longer have an outlet for my small scale sewing, Its annoying too cos i've just made some things to go in the store

Yes, that 2 wrap skirts (a large and a medium) 3 pairs of shorts, 2 reverable dresses, 2 of those pretty baby bonnets (a 0-3month and a 3-12 month) and a pile of fortune cookies that don't have a home, as well as a pile of baby cardigans my mum knitted!.
Also there is probably somethings at the shop which i'll have to collect as well!

So the big question is, should i open a folksy shop. Do you think the things would sell ok? or should i just stock pile it all till my hubby goes insane! your thoughs would be very welcome.


  1. I love your clothes, sorry the shop is closing. If I were you I'd try a Folksy shop, they are easy to set up and work well. Good luck :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Yes try folksy/etsy or if you want to (wo)man a stall try
    the latter alos has
    but I can't get in right now

  3. Remember that the end of a chapter usually leads to the beginning of a new one. Don't shut the book and stash away those lovely treasures! Start the next chapter that will get your goodies into new hands. OK ... that was kind of hokey, but really, don't let someone else's closure stop you from pursuing what makes you happy.


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