Monday, 9 May 2011

Another cake

It may have been my lads birthday last weekend but he had his parthy on saturday. We took him and 10 friends (i use the term loosely cos his sister was one of them) tubing at tamworth snow dome. This is where small children wizz down a hill in rubber rings and appear to have lots of fun.

Due to the tubing basis of the party his royal partyness wanted a tubing cake! Cue me on friday frantically baking and trying to come up with something that looked snowy!
I've never made royal icing before but it seemed to come out all right! i went with doing a soft version (with glycerine in) as i though it better for the kids. Then i had to attempt tubes! Hooray for pre coloured icing! A large blob of black icing was transformed into 2 rings and after much ummimg and arrring (i mean about 3 seconds worth) i decided to pop some of his lordships toys on the tubes rather than attempt to model some people out of icing!
It turned out quite well i think!
I haven't been up to much else as i've managed to break my sewing machien! the fabric i sent through was just a bit too thick for it to deal with and it bent the needle and now if used it maked an interesting metal scrapping noise! I sent it home with my mum and dad  for a service as thats what they are getting me for my birthday, i get such interesting birthday gifts these days! I've borrowed my mums machien in the mean time so sewing will be slower while i adjust to the different machien, hope i have something to show you soon. x


  1. Looks like you had a great time and the cake looked fab! :)

    I am your partner in Lucey's button swap, if you want to email me your address then I can email you mine.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I love how the birthday cake has been made to match the event! It looks really delicious, I love icing sugar!


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