Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Birthday cake

Well, its been a busy weekend as my lad had his 6th birthday, i can't beleieve he is 6 already!
I did my motherly duty and made cake, covered it in chocolate icing, sugar cars etc and candles.

the general opinion was yum yum.
We also took a trip to the black country museum which (if anyone is interested) is doing a great deal at the moment, gift aid your visit and you can go again, as many times as you want within the year for free!
Anyway, the reason i mention it is because my 2 got to try out some maypole dancing. We used to do this at school when we were little and they enjoyed it alot although boy did complain that his sister wasn't very fast and he had to skip slowly behind her. she didn't skip but galloped and amused me no end! I think it should be brought back into schools, if only to keep parents entertained!


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